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Today: NOW is the Time

How often have we said: “I will do that tomorrow?” and then, never do it? Start in each moment of each day to start to change the small things in our life for the better. Our world can no longer wait!

What change can you make TODAY?

Today: We are all CONNECTED

Though it's not always apparent, everything on the planet is in relationship to everything else. When something happens to one, everyone and everything are affected, for the good or for the bad. Our most vulnerable neighbors suffer the most.

What can you do today to build a more positive connection?

Today: DISCOVER Amazing Things

The world is filled with all sorts of incredible things between its highest mountain peaks and its deepest valleys on the ocean floor. With each encounter we are forever changed - a new awareness, an increased sense of wonder, a widening of the soul inspired by beauty

What unique natural phenomenon can you experience today that allows you to see the world differently?

Today: Everything is a GIFT

Each person, each thing, is present as a gift for the other. If the pine trees glisten in the sun – it’s a gift! If a new baby crawls on the ground – it’s a gift! When we begin to see that everything around us has something of value to offer us, a sense of appreciation and gratitude grows within us and a desire to preserve and protect it for future generations.

How are you a gift for others around you and for the environment?

Today: SMILE on the World

Nothing speaks louder than positive actions to make the world a better place! Stopping to recycle our waste, re-using or re-purposing an old object, quickly turning off the shower, planting a community garden, eliminating the need for daily private transportation - all these are the ‘little things’ that bring about efficiency and sustainability in the environment.

Don’t just ‘think’ about being pro-earth, make the move, and see the wonderful things that can result from it!

Today: ONLY What is Needed

How are we going to live sustainably on this planet? By taking only what is necessary to live our lives in relationship with everything else. Like a tree that draws up only the water and nutrients needed to grow and bear fruit, we too need to separate our wants from our needs.

What choice can I make to inspire others for collective change?